Innovating for Fundraising Success

As fundraising becomes increasingly more challenging in the current climate, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of dedicating time to developing innovative new programmes that will increase income in the longer-term. Is this a mistake? In spite of financial pressures in-year, should innovation still be a priority?

Twenty fundraising professionals were invited by Good Values to attend a ‘Big Thinkers’ Round Table for NGO Fundraising Directors to discuss the role of innovation in fundraising, share their own experiences and try to find solutions to any difficulties they may have encountered with regard to innovation.

The evening began with an inspiring presentation by Gavin Coopey, ex Director of Innovation at CRUK, which highlighted the key role that innovation plays in the future success of any organisation. He outlined ways in which innovation can be incorporated into all areas of a charity – not just in the fundraising departments – through an organisation’s strategy, culture and processes. This would result in increasing efficiency and inspiring a more creative approach to solving problems and creating successful future campaigns.

Good Values then shared their experiences and insights, and facilitated a discussion. A key subject for debate was the way in which it was possible to change the internal culture of an organisation to promote innovation. This included effective methods of securing senior management buy-in and also adopting an incremental approach which can demonstrate early success and encourages support to innovation within the organisation. Evidencing and demonstrating previous success is also crucial– and ‘making it real’ helps to properly understand and test the concept.

This is a short summary of the full discussion. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Our next NGO ‘Big Thinkers’ Round Table will be held at the RSA in Spring 2012. If you would like to attend, and/or have any suggestions for future discussion topics please let us know.

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