Parkinson’s UK

Having a strong track record for establishing successful Development Boards, Good Values was chosen by Parkinson’s UK to catalyse a significant step change in income to fund their goal to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

Having invested over £50m across the past 40 years leading to a number of significant breakthroughs in the understanding of symptoms and development of effective treatments, Parkinson’s UK had arrived at a pivotal moment in its research – a moment that could realise the organisation’s ambition to cure Parkinson’s. However, they needed a highly compelling story to ensure they could step change their income and increase awareness in order to meet their vision.

Parkinson’s UK approached Good Values to create a Development Board to deliver substantial and sustainable funding over the long term; funding to fuel their research strategy with an end goal of a cure in sight. Parkinson’s UK would need to raise £6m over the next three years to be able to conduct this research.

Following our Development Board Model™, we undertook a feasibility study to identify potential board members before creating a case for support. We devised IMAGINE, an emotive appeal with real standout to work alongside the Board in reaching the £6m target, and implemented the Development Board.

The Imagine appeal has been hugely successful, with a significant £2.4m being pledged at its launch in January 2013.


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