Good Values has worked alongside YouthNet since 2006, helping to develop and implement an award-winning fundraising strategy, establishing a successful Development Board and providing ongoing strategic advice and support to help YouthNet maximise their fundraising potential.

YouthNet is an online charity that, through innovative online services, seeks to empower young people in the UK with the support, knowledge and skills they need to navigate the maze of youth and lead fulfilling lives.

YouthNet first approached Good Values in 2006 for strategic advice on how to step change their income, which led to our development and implementation of the 2010 Development vision and strategy. The strategy was so successful that YouthNet won the Fundraising Charity of the Year (Professional Fundraising Awards 2008).

As part of the 2010 Development vision and strategy, Good Values established a Development Board. The Board successfully raised the funds needed to raise awareness of, a new ‘online lifeline’ providing non-judgemental support and information on an array of issues affecting 16-25 year olds.

We continue to support YouthNet in their fundraising strategy, which has helped significantly increase their income over the years.

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