About us

We are…

…a full-service consultancy offering global clients unrivalled knowledge and experience in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

We believe…

‘Companies operating on good values will gain in value and deliver value.’

This maxim was formed by Jacquie Irvine while working in the commercial world of Procter & Gamble, consultancy and the NGO sector.

We understand…

…the commercial benefits that companies can achieve by having a strong social, environmental and sustainable performance – and the benefits this brings to society. Jacquie, along with Paul Gillespie, set up Good Values to help other companies become more sustainable and deliver a bottom-line return while creating positive change to society and the environment. A true win-win.

We work…

…closely with companies and a wide range of NGOs, as this means we can deliver better results for all our clients, giving us understanding and insight into both corporate needs and the fast-evolving social and environmental agenda.

Our Team
We are a multi-faceted team representing a wide range of backgrounds and skills. Between us, we have worked for corporates in various business sectors globally, advertising, PR and design agencies and NGOs.

Depending on the project, the team may consist of community and NGO practitioners, leading environment and sustainability experts, HR and behaviour change professionals, industry specialists, experienced researchers, measurement and reporting managers, leading Foundation experts and award-winning creative teams.
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