Audits, Benchmarking and Assurance

We offer a wide range of corporate audits, research and analyses to suit each client’s needs. This is the starting point for the majority of our clients as it gives a baseline from where we can build and develop an effective strategy, improve performance or communicate success.

This data and learning means we can benchmark our clients’ strategies and programmes versus competitors or other best in class corporates. We can determine the opportunities and risks that corporate responsibility presents to the organisation.

‘Health Check’ and benchmarking

This audit looks at how the corporate is performing across all four CR areas; the environment, community, marketplace and workplace. We can tailor the check to the individual needs of each client and focus on a specific area.

Typically our audits adopt the following approach:

  • After our stakeholder mapping process, Good Values conducts internal and external stakeholder research, consultation and dialogue.
  • We then create a benchmark versus identified competition and other leading companies to enable clients to see how their activities and programmes compare against peers and best-in-class companies.
  • We then conduct a market analysis to determine whether legal or emerging social issues and trends will act as triggers and impact on the company’s corporate strategies.
  • We analyse all these findings and present back the learnings to the client which act as the ‘bedrock’ to help in the next phase of developing strategies and programmes.

Environment and sustainability audits

These focus on the environmental impact of your organisation and establishes how sustainable different elements are. We identify the risks and opportunities in your environmental management performance, benchmarking you against your peers.

Supply chain audit

When auditing the supply chain, we first identify potential risks for the client’s business. Then, we determine any opportunities they have to follow best practice in different areas and identify what can set them apart.

Carbon audits

We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.


Increasingly, independent assurance is expected of all good corporate responsibility reports. We work closely with our clients to help them choose the optimum form of assurance for their organisation and programmes. We ensure that value is added throughout the assurance process.

Assurance ranges from direct engagement with key stakeholders and experts through to our own team engaging with your organisation following the guidelines set out in the AA1000 Assurance Standard or ISA E3000.

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