Community Programmes

We have worked with many FTSE 100 companies, helping them identify and set up long-term community programmes both in the UK and globally. We link community causes to commercial objectives, bringing benefit to both.

We work closely with both the corporate responsibility and marketing functions to identify the ‘cause heartland’ that fits with the brand’s positioning or company’s values and business objectives.

Next, we create and develop an innovative programme that creates huge stand out, engaging internal and external stakeholders.

Through strategy and planning, we assist with the implementation of the programme, including helping select NGO partners, identifying KPIs and setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.

Good Values has developed and worked on community programmes at both national and local levels, such as our work with Barclaycard or at a global level, as illustrated by the ‘Street to School’ programme we developed for Aviva or our work with Astra Zeneca.

Corporate Foundations

We have worked with a wide range of corporate foundations (including Nationwide and Vodafone), giving advice and recommendations to companies and reviewing the role of their foundation.

If you’re setting one up, we’ll help you understand the issues and implications. For existing foundations, we conduct strategic reviews and evaluate the effectiveness of your foundation’s current work. We can help identify the right NGO partners and key stakeholders.

NGO Partnerships

Having worked for over a decade helping both corporates and NGOs with community partnerships, we understand what it takes to make a successful community partnership for the corporate, the NGO and the communities they help.

To start, we identify where companies can make the greatest impact in the community and find the best NGO partner to execute the programme. We facilitate the working relationship between the partners, including monitoring and reviewing the partnership.

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