Improving your organisation’s performance

Good Values has extensive experience of running both corporate and NGO organisations at a senior level. We work with senior teams and individuals to help assess and improve the effectiveness of their charities.

Our training and mentoring programmes can be provided as part of a wider consultancy package, or as a stand-alone service. Whether it’s ad hoc, on-going advice or a one-off briefing on latest best practices, we are available to give objective expert advice.

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Organisational development

We work with trustees and senior teams to assess the organisation’s performance and to help them develop and deliver the charity’s strategies and plans. This can include:

  • Leading the charity through developing its vision, mission, objectives and strategies;
  • Determining the resources required to deliver the strategies and plans;
  • Assessing the organisation’s structure, processes and culture and making recommendations to ensure it can deliver on its objectives;
  • Helping the charity implement change management programmes and cultural initiatives within the organisation;
  • Assessing the capacity and capability of employees, recommending changes where needed and delivering the appropriate training and development programmes for the individuals and teams, including ‘fast track’ development programmes.
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