Fundraising Audits & Strategy Development

Our first step for clients is often to help them test the health of their fundraising strategy and programmes. This serves as the foundation for creating or refining an effective fundraising strategy which meets their income needs.

We create a ‘living’ strategy; a blueprint for the future that is fully owned and can be actively pursued, measured and reviewed.

Our Fundraising Health Check (audit) is tailored to suit each client’s needs. It typically includes:

  • stakeholder mapping process followed by internal and external stakeholder research, consultation and dialogue;
  • examination of the funding need, aspirations and issues, barriers and opportunities;
  • analysis of recent fundraising results and resourcing; and
  • market assessment, competitor analysis and trends analysis to benchmark against similar organisations and analyse the organisation’s positioning.

From this point, the development of the fundraising strategy and blueprint for the future focuses on:

  • linking the funding need with the organisational strategy;
  • considering and recommending the optimum mix of income streams – including the identification of possible funding partners; and
  • establishing the investment and resources needed, with predicted ROI.

Our work helping YouthNet develop and implement their Fundraising Strategy helped them win the Fundraising Charity of the Year 2008.

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