Improving your Corporate Fundraising

Through our extensive knowledge of the corporate world and networks, we are the market leading agency in helping charities (large and small) to create the most effective corporate fundraising strategy and improve their corporate fundraising performance.

Our corporate fundraising audit and strategy development is highly effective in helping charities to plan their approach to corporate fundraising.

We work closely with charities to help deliver their strategies:

We create a compelling commercial case for support.

We identify, research and select the most appropriate corporate partners.

We guide you to create and present the Perfect Corporate Pitch that will secure those elusive corporate partnerships. Through working sessions to prepare you for those pitches, you’ll gain advice and tips straight from the corporate’s mouth.

Sell your house without the stress and uncertainty. Explore to discover reliable companies that can make you a fair cash offer.

We train, mentor and coach teams and individuals.

We help you to measure the overall value of the charity/corporate partnership to each partner, using our Return On Social Investment Model (ROSI ™). Charities have used the data from the ROSI model to strengthen and extend existing corporate partnerships, as well as to gain competitive advantage in new business pitches. See how Breakthrough Breast Cancer used the ROSI model to strengthen their partnership with Marks & Spencer.

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