For companies to benefit from their CR activities, it is essential that their stakeholders are aware of what they are actually doing. It does seem obvious, but it surprises us just how many companies don’t communicate their initiatives as effectively as they could.

Many companies find it difficult to navigate through this minefield of sustainability and marketing communications; getting the message wrong (either in content, contextually, or in tonality) can undo all the good work your company or brand is doing.

With more companies creating corporate responsibility activities, how do you communicate your activities in a way to differentiate your company or brand and stand out from the ‘noise’, whilst avoiding being perceived as a ‘me too’ or ‘green wash’?

We help our clients develop effective communication strategies for both internal and external communications, including identifying:

  • WHO to talk to (the different target audiences)
  • WHAT to say (developing the appropriate messaging for each audience)
  • WHEN to say it (audience and messaging roll-out sequence)
  • HOW to say it (guidance on content and tonality for each audience)
  • and WHERE to say it (guidance on the most appropriate communications mediums to use for each audience).

Our creative teams can create copy content and design the comms and marketing materials for your corporate responsibility communications, or if you have a roster PR/advertising agency, we can work closely with them to guide them in the appropriate content, language and tonality to use.

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