Mentoring, training and recruitment support

People are at the heart of everything that an organisation does, be it a charity or a corporate. Your success relies on their dedication and skills. Good Values can help you manage, train and inspire individuals and teams at every level. Our results-oriented approach is always focused on improving performance to boost income. We offer:

  • One-to-one mentoring and coaching of fundraisers, senior managers and trustees which brings out the best in individuals and meets their developmental needs;
  • In-house training and coaching of teams on core fundraising and management skills as well as a range of subjects that can be tailored to your specific needs – for example, improving commercialism in corporate fundraising teams;
  • In addition to the Good Values team, we often involve other experts, including funders with an interest in the particular charity sector;
  • Assistance in recruiting the best possible staff – from advising on roles and responsibilities, to help with selection and interviewing.

Our experienced team delivers mentoring and training in a relaxed, fun way that guarantees engagement and motivation – whilst still ensuring that your objectives are clearly set and achieved.

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