Brand Responsibility

Although corporate responsibility is now firmly positioned in the corporate toolbox of many companies, brand responsibility itself often gets overlooked. For companies with well-known individual brands, this requires careful attention.

Even if your corporate responsibility programmes are well-managed by the CR department, if your brand(s) are not seen as responsible, then all the resources allocated to the company’s corporate responsibility is not going to change the way people think about your brand(s), which will ultimately reflect on your company’s reputation too.

With consumers and stakeholders becoming more aware of brand activities, and with the rise of social media, this is a potential time bomb.

We believe it is no longer sufficient for marketers to just understand how consumers react to their brand or product. Now, they need to also understand a new area: the social and environmental impact of their brand and how consumers perceive and react to this. Brands that maximise their positive impacts and mitigate their negative impacts will stand out in a crowded market at

Social Brand Development

We work alongside brand teams to help them identify the most relevant social and environmental impacts for their brand and how they can best address these risks and opportunities via our ‘Social Brand’ model. Having an inspiring story to tell about the social and environmental impact of your brand builds brand’s equity over time and impacts sales.

Cause-related marketing (CRM)

There has been an increase in CRM activities in recent years, where a brand or company joins together with a cause or NGO to market a product for mutual benefit. To maximise the returns for the company from such a partnership, there has to be a strategic ‘fit’ with the brand/company and the cause.

Good Values creates CRM initiatives for our clients that resonate with consumers, differentiate their brand and ensure the company is regarded as being committed to the cause. Ultimately, we make sure our clients see a return on investment.

We have worked with Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Marks & Spencer and TK Maxx over a number of years to develop their CRM initiatives in the UK. At a global level, we have helped Aviva develop their CRM initiative in different countries as part of their ‘Street to School’ community programme.

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