Good Values created, tested and supported the implementation of Aviva’s global community flagship initiative, Street to School, a hugely successful initiative helping get street children off the street and into education or training. The initiative has exceeded expectations, reaching over 600,000 street connected children in just two and a half years, engaging staff and customers around the world and delivering a tangible ROI for the business.

When Aviva created its global brand, it saw the opportunity to stand out in a crowded financial sector and to bring its new brand positioning to life for stakeholders around the world through the creation of a global community flagship initiative.

Aviva selected Good Values to create a flagship community initiative and to help them implement it globally both internally and externally. The initiative needed to be differentiated, to have a substantial and sustainable social impact and to deliver a ROI for the business.

Using our Return on Social Investment Model™, we developed a number of ideas that were tested globally before agreeing on the most compelling one that encapsulated both a CR and a cause related marketing (CRM) element. Street to School was launched in 2009, and we worked with both the global group and local countries in its implementation to ensure consistency and best practice across charity partnerships, communications and measurement and reporting.

Good Values developed and helped embed a Measurement Framework and Monitoring System globally to measure and evaluate the social and business impact of the programme.

To further differentiate the programme and create a sustainable legacy for the cause, we created a Thought Leadership proposition for Aviva and have worked with them in its implementation with NGO partners, opinion formers and the UN.

Since its launch, Good Values has continued to support Aviva with Street to School to maximise its social and business impact. The flagship has been an overwhelming success, reaching over 600,000 street connected children within two and a half years; half the time set out in the original objective.

Following the UN recommendation in 2012 to include the voice of the child in programmes, Good Values supported Aviva in conducting participatory research with Street to School charity partners around the world. PASSPORT (A Participatory Assessment of Street to School Programmes) provides qualitative insight from the child’s perspective, helping Aviva better understand how their programmes can support street connected children.

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