NGO services

The Good Values team has decades of experience working at a senior level with a wide range of NGOs and cultural organisations in the UK – as well as with companies across the world.

Our unique role in advising both corporates and not-for-profits means that we bring in-depth donor understanding, broad networks and extensive experience to help you and your organisation succeed.

Our work includes fundraising consultancy, brand development, campaign innovation and organisational development including training, mentoring and long-term support.

We help develop fundraising strategies across all income streams, and we are market leaders in helping charities increase corporate income. We have an excellent track record in meeting clients’ needs and in helping organisations raise substantial new funds and improve their organisational effectiveness. Read about some of our recent clients. Give us a call and we can tell you more.

How we work with clients

With hands-on experience of running organisations at a senior level, we know the day-to-day pressures of delivering a return on investment. Our goal is to help you create and deliver added value to your organisation and to society.

We typically work alongside you and your wider organisation, building on your own knowledge and strengths, while providing our expertise and guidance. We bring fresh thinking and creativity to deliver effective strategies and initiatives that truly stand out.

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