Astra Zeneca

Good Values created and helped implement Astra Zeneca’s global flagship community investment initiative, the ‘Young Health Programme’. Since its launch in 2010, the initiative has sustained high levels of employee engagement, continued to expand and is on track to reach 1 million adolescents directly and indirectly by 2015.

Astra Zeneca were re-launching their brand, and wanted to explore how a new global community initiative could be linked with their business strategy to make their new brand tangible for key stakeholders and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Good Values was chosen to create a global flagship community initiative that would act as a hallmark of their new brand positioning. This initiative needed to make a sustainable impact in communities across 46 countries, differentiate them in the eyes of their stakeholders and deliver a ROI over time.

Following our Return on Social Investment Model™, we conducted a Health Check of Astra Zeneca’s existing activities, an external market review and extensive dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.

Following this, we presented a number of ideas for a new flagship initiative and researched the reaction to these across the company’s key global stakeholders.

The result was Astra Zeneca’s ‘Young Health Programme’, launched in late 2010 with the ambition to reach one million adolescents over 5 years and help them improve their health through partnering with local NGOs.

Good Values supported Astra Zeneca in the global roll-out of the programme, developing a toolkit and supporting training sessions to ensure the initiative’s successful implementation and the adoption of best practice.

The Young Health Programme has continued to expand and, to date, Astra Zeneca has reached over 250,000 young people in communities across five continents and is on track to meet its target to reach 500,000 young people directly and to touch an additional 500,000 lives indirectly by 2015. The initiative also quickly achieved record awareness levels among employees.

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